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Regency Healthcare Consultants provides support in services including but not limited to:

* Enrollment Support Services  
* Virtual E-Course Provider Enrollment Training
* Data Capture for Enrollment Software Implementation
* Policy and Procedure Creation & Implementation (Internal and External Policies)
* Claims Resolution  including but not limited to Enrollment related and other High Dollar unresolved Claim issues.

* Creation of customized E- Course Templates for continuous team development and future education.

Regency Healthcare Consultants are qualified professionals with experience in the physical care of patients as well as healthcare administration so we understand exactly what it means to put the focus back in patient care.
  • Get applications done twice as fast as in house representatives

  • Never stress about payor requirements and requests

  • Streamline revenue

  • Quality and Compliance

  • Increased Efficiency

  • Reduced Overhead

Regency Healthcare Consultants LLC is a healthcare administration consulting company.

Contact us to see how we can exceed  your expectations.

Regency Healthcare Consultants LLC

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